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Financial Acumen – A Dirty Little Secret

Financial Acumen – A Dirty Little Secret
Have you ever been in a meeting and someone said “we need to improve our efficiency” or “management wants ROE to increase by 2%” or “the business needs more cash flow?” While that […]

Financial Acumen – Understanding the Numbers

Understanding the Numbers Will Help you Sell
Every sales person wants to identify new opportunities, become a trusted client partner, differentiate themselves from the competition and effectively position the value of their solutions.

Easier said than done…. but they all have […]

Mobile Learning: If You Build It, Will They Come?

So often we think of mobile learning (mLearning) as just repurposing existing courses for a mobile environment. However, to ensure your mLearning initiative is successful you should consider: Who is using mLearning, and how are they using it?, When should you use mLearning?, Is mLearning right for your organization, your audience, your needs?

C-Level Executives: Reasons to Gain Access

Although not all sales require C-level access, engaging at the C-level is critical if your goals are to build long term client relationships, be perceived as a trusted partner and differentiate your company (and yourself) from the competition. As in any selling situation, the first step in gaining access to C-level executives is to understand your customer....

Simulations: Improving Organizational Effectiveness

Organizations are always looking to engage and challenge their learners. A well designed, interactive, learning-based simulation does the trick. Learn more about how simulations strengthen strategic execution, improve decision-making, develop leaders and build collaboration across the organization...