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Selling and Consulting to Banks During COVID-19

Knowing your customer has never been more critical than in today’s COVID-19 environment. When selling or providing consulting services to banks and financial institutions, it is vitally important to understand the challenges they are facing. An awareness of your banking clients’ [...]

5 Tips for Converting In-Person Training to Virtual Learning

Companies worldwide are ramping up skills development efforts in a remote work environment. Converting in-person training assets to virtual training is an efficient and cost-effective way to develop your employees. At PSI, we've been designing in-person and virtual learning for [...]

Consultant’s Guide: Know Your Client’s Industry

Everyone is a consultant today, whether you’re serving external clients or working internally for your company. To differentiate yourself in today’s competitive marketplace, you need to build your industry knowledge and know your client’s industry.  “Knowledge is a weapon. I intend to be [...]

Analytics in Financial Services

Following up on my post a couple of weeks ago on Digital Disruption in Financial Services, today I’m going to talk briefly about analytics in financial services. Analytics refers to the processes and technology used to collect, organize and analyze [...]

What’s the Secret Ingredient to Learning?…Context

In today's fast-paced world, learners often prefer to look up information as they need it, instead of spending time to truly understand a topic. However, this approach often leaves learners relying on inaccurate information or trying to understand information without the [...]