This is a sample post to show you how things will look. This is the main content of the blog post. If you want an image, add one in the Featured Image section (to the right, lower down).


The section title (like Headings above) is set by selecting Heading 2 and Bold from the Paragraph dropdown above.


Note: You only want one Heading 1 on a page, and that’s already being used. So big sections can be Heading 2, then subsections Heading 3 (like what’s used for Subheadings above), and so on.

Post Title/URLs

As you’ll see above, the title of the post is what’s used for the pages permalink (the URL). As with pages, once you write a title for a post, if you want to modify the URL you can do so in the Permalink section above (by selecting the Edit button).


You can add images in this box, in the main body copy. If you add a Featured Image (as mentioned above), will show up as a thumbnail on the homepage in the Recent Posts section, and it will also show up at the top of this post/on the individual post page.


If you add any new categories, they’ll show up in the Categories section (right side). The default category is General (as selected here).


Tags (when you add them) get added in the Tags section (on the right).


The excerpt content (in the Excerpt section below) is what will show up on the homepage and on the Blog page.


In the Sidebar section below, choose Blog Sidebar so it shows the Recent Posts widget on the individual blog posts.


When you’re all set, just hit the Publish. (As with pages, you can Save Draft and/or Preview if you’re not ready to publish yet.)