Why You’ll Love Our Simulation

The Executive Suite Banking Simulation allows your professionals to experience the challenges faced by senior executives in a large banking institution by:

  • Setting a business strategy for their bank
  • Executing the strategy through business and
    financial decisions
  • Evaluating the impact of decisions on bank profitability
  • Understanding the impact of competitors, the economy, marketing, risk management, operations, personnel and other factors on bank performance

Simulation Benefits

The Executive Suite Banking Simulation offers many benefits:

  • Improves strategic decision-making focused on
    your business
  • Expands team-building and strategic thinking
  • Challenges learners to move outside their comfort zone and become leaders

Who Uses the Simulation?

The Executive Suite Banking Simulation is used by top banks, regulators, professional services firms, business schools and technology companies to train their next generation of executive leaders. Follow this link to see a list of PSI’s Happy Clients.

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