Benefits to Improving Financial Acumen

Improving financial acumen at your organization helps your professionals:

  • Understand the financial goals of your company
  • Recognize why management is taking certain actions
  • Focus on what needs to improve
  • Determine how they can help the company improve profitability
  • Improve key metrics tracked by management and the investor community

Developing leaders and key contributors requires Financial Acumen. A lack of this in today’s fast moving economy will hold your professionals and your organization back.

Why Partner with PSI?

Performance Solutions International (PSI) has created business and financial acumen programs for many (25+) Fortune 500 companies.  PSI will work with you to:

  • Gain an understanding of the financial acumen your professionals need to be successful
  • Apply proven approaches and content (including simulations and financial metrics across various industries)
  • Determine an appropriate solution that may include training and/or performance support

We believe in applied learning. The best way to teach financial acumen is to do it specific to your company, so the learning is immediately applied and retained.  As a result, our tailored solutions will focus 100% on your company and be easily deployed across your workforce.

What are you waiting for?

It’s not that hard or expensive to build these skills. PSI has lots of experience partnering with organizations like yours to build both business and financial acumen.

We have developed proven programs like Understanding Financials and Building Business Acumen. These programs use approaches that include short simulations, interactive exercises and performance support tools that can give your initiative a running start and improve your professionals’ financial acumen.

Start a Financial Acumen initiative now so your employees can:

  • Build financial understanding and confidence
  • Stay up to speed on your company’s financial performance
  • Engage in more strategic conversations
  • Develop business plans or personal objectives in line with your company’s goals and strategy
  • Drive measurable results
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