During COVID-19, PSI is here to help. PSI has extensive experience in converting face-to-face training into interactive virtual learning. We have virtual simulations and our online Inside the Industry curriculums available now. We’re happy to offer free consulting to help keep your workforce safe.

Context is critical. For your professionals to deliver value they must understand the industry, including current issues, dynamics, important executives and business processes. Our multi-industry services and solutions take your professionals Inside the Industry®, improving their ability to provide solutions to business executives.

We understand the ecosystem and challenges of many specialized industries, as well as the needs of your professionals. Our 25 years of industry expertise and instructional design capabilities provide you with a partner that knows your business and your audience’s perspectives — a partner that can deliver relevant and actionable performance solutions.

Take a look at the industries we support by selecting the segment names below.

Our Industry Segments

Consumer Goods

Consumer Packaged GoodsThe Consumer Goods industry is undergoing change, Consumer Goods companies explore growth opportunities in overseas markets, competing with retailers’ private label brands and maximizing profitability with better use of technology. Understanding the industry and the challenges facing companies in this industry is critical to the success of your professionals.

Financial Services

Financial ServicesRegulatory changes, a low interest rate environment, risk management concerns and new capital requirements are just some of the challenges in the financial services (banking and capital markets) industry. To gain a competitive advantage, your professionals must develop and expand their industry competency. Our financial services solutions give your professionals the edge they need to effectively engage in this industry.

Health Care and Life Sciences

Health Care and Life SciencesMajor legislative changes, demands on doctors and hospitals to deliver real improvements in medical care and highly educated consumers are combining to force real changes in medicine and health care. Pharmaceuticals and biotechs are under tremendous pressure to identify new blockbuster drugs to satisfy the investor community as well as their own growth targets. For your professionals to deliver value, they must first understand this complex industry. Our solutions can deliver that edge by giving your professionals the industry insight they need to be successful.


InsuranceThe insurance industry is a complex and dynamic industry. Insurance companies today face a challenging environment. Insurance is an industry with rising and unpredictable costs. In some markets, demand for products is weak, but competition between providers is intense. Understanding the industry and the challenges it faces is critical to the success of your professionals.


ManufacturingThe manufacturing industry faces serious challenges from globalization and market volatility to increasing client demands, shrinking margins and more. Our solutions in manufacturing provide your professionals with the edge they need to effectively engage in this industry.

Oil, Gas and Utilities

Oil, Gas, and UtilitiesWhile the demand for oil, gas and other forms of energy grows, the supply is subject to ever more challenging geopolitical issues. Understanding the energy industry and the challenges it faces is critical to the success of your professionals.


RetailRetail supports one in four jobs and is a vibrant and ever changing industry. Growth comes from new sales channels, new markets, new products and better use of technology. Understanding retail clients and their challenges is critical to the success of your sales, service and support professionals. For your professionals to deliver value, they must first understand this industry. Our solutions can deliver that edge by providing the industry insight they need to be successful.

Technology, Media and Telecommunications

Communications, Media and Entertainment

The technology, media and telecommunications industry is an exciting, complex and important industry.  The products and services offered by this industry are transforming customer experiences, business models and market dynamics around the world. For your professionals to deliver value, they must first understand this industry. Our solutions can deliver that edge by providing the industry insight they need to be successful.

Our Industry Solutions

From on-boarding of new hires to challenging your most experienced professionals, our solutions improve the impact and success of your professionals.

Our e-learning curriculums offer a consistent training solution for all your industries. Developed for professionals across your organization, our industry curriculums deliver the knowledge and insight your professionals need to interact with executives and decision makers more effectively.


This powerful standalone reference tool delivers accurate and timely industry-specific information right to your professionals’ fingertips. These industry Wikis offer just-in-time industry information through an intuitive and familiar tool.

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Our performance support and enablement solutions ensure your consultants and sales, pre-sales and support professionals have just-in-time access to the information they need to identify and capitalize on opportunities.

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Our business and financial acumen programs give your professionals the knowledge and skills they need to gain insight into new business opportunities and to position the value of their solutions/recommendations with business executives.

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Experience the management challenges of running a business with our exciting and interactive computer-based simulations and workshop programs. These simulations deliver an intense and interactive experience that allows your professionals to walk in the shoes of top executives within an industry.

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When delivering custom services, we work with you to create solutions for your specific requirements. Our instructional design expertise allows us to focus on your business goals and needs, while leveraging your existing assets and internal resources.

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Why You’ll Want to Work With Us

We are a leader in industry-focused performance improvement services that equip your professionals with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment.

We recognize the challenges your professionals face in comprehending specialized industry dynamics. Our industry knowledge and instructional design capabilities uniquely position us to support your objectives and improve your professionals’ knowledge of industry-specific concepts:

  • Over 25 years of industry expertise
  • Instructional designers that understand your needs
  • A commitment to excellence that drives everything we do
  • Project managers that deliver on time and on budget

What Clients Say

“PSI understands the sales process and they understand industry. They have the ability to bring the two together and deliver the relevant information from the perspective of our professionals.”
Global Program Lead - Industry Programs, Leading Technology Provider
“We had the opportunity to work with PSI when they first started in 2000. Since then our training requirements have changed in terms of level of content, delivery medium, and industry focus. PSI has been a key part of supporting our growth and remains a partner we can count on.”
Enterprise Industry Learning, Leading Technology Provider
“Working with PSI is like handpicking your own team. They are structured to address our industry knowledge requirements today, yet have the expertise and flexibility to grow and change with us.”
Global Sales Enablement, Leading Technology Provider
“The PSI team provides seamless delivery services with flexibility and adaptability around calendars, facilities and technology support.”
VP Training and Development, Leading Financial Services Institution
“We have been delighted with your service and support for many years. Thank you for all that you have done to make this a valuable process for both our students and instructors.”
Risk and Supervisory Learning, US Government Agency