Understanding Your Client's Business

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Our business acumen programs help your consulting, sales and sales support professionals better understand their client, including the issues and challenges they face. Your professionals can use this information to better align their efforts with areas of opportunity within their client accounts.

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Understanding Your Client’s Strategy

To ensure that your professionals align their efforts with their client’s strategy, they need an understanding of their client’s strategy, competitive environment and the current challenges facing the organization.

  • Your client’s business strategy
  • Your client’s competitive environment
  • Financial contribution of individual business segments
  • Individual business segment’s strategy
  • Current challenges and opportunities facing the business segments
  • Potential areas of opportunity given client’s business focus

Understanding Your Client’s Business

To better support your initiatives, your professionals should understand their client’s strategy, lines of business, customers and products and services, including:

  • Your client’s mission, strategy and major business segments
  • Your client’s customers, products/services, delivery channels and financial performance
  • Services provided by support functions
  • Potential areas of opportunity given your client’s business focus

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