Our business acumen programs provide your support professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to “speak the language of business” and provide insight to the lines of business they support.

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Understanding Your Company’s Strategy

Company Strategy

To ensure that your support professionals align their efforts with the organization’s strategy, they need an understanding of the company’s strategy, competitive environment and the current challenges facing the organization. PSI’s Understanding Your Strategy program is completely tailored to your organization and focuses on:

  • Your company’s business strategy
  • Your company’s competitive environment
  • Financial contribution of individual business segments
  • Current challenges and opportunities facing the business segments
  • Individual business segment’s strategy

Understanding Your Company’s Business

Company Business
To better support your organization, your professionals should understand your strategy, lines of business, customers and products and services. PSI’s Understanding Your Company’s Business program is completely centered on your organization and focuses on:

  • Your organization’s mission, strategy and major business segments
  • Your customers, products/services, delivery channels and financial performance
  • Services provided by support functions
  • Impact that learners can have on your organization

Building an Internal Business Case

Building an Internal Business Case
To become a partner to the lines of business, support professionals require knowledge and tools to both analyze the business they support and act as a consultant to that business. PSI’s Building a Business Case is highly interactive and application oriented, customized specifically for your organization and focuses on:

  • Your strategic objectives and the link to internal support groups
  • Drivers of profitability and critical success factors for the organization
  • Insightful analysis of the businesses
  • Motivators of line of business clients
  • Effectively positioning financial analysis

Why You’ll Want to Work With Us

We are a leader in industry-focused performance improvement services that equip your professionals with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment.

We recognize the challenges your professionals face in comprehending specialized industry dynamics. Our industry knowledge and instructional design capabilities uniquely position us to support your objectives and improve your professionals’ knowledge of industry-specific concepts:

  • Over 25 years of industry expertise
  • Instructional designers that understand your needs
  • A commitment to excellence that drives everything we do
  • Project managers that deliver on time and on budget

What Clients Say

“The PSI team provides seamless delivery services with flexibility and adaptability around calendars, facilities and technology support.”
VP Training and Development, Leading Financial Services Institution
“Working with PSI is like handpicking your own team. They are structured to address our industry knowledge requirements today, yet have the expertise and flexibility to grow and change with us.”
Global Sales Enablement, Leading Technology Provider
“We had the opportunity to work with PSI when they first started in 2000. Since then our training requirements have changed in terms of level of content, delivery medium, and industry focus. PSI has been a key part of supporting our growth and remains a partner we can count on.”
Enterprise Industry Learning, Leading Technology Provider
“PSI understands the sales process and they understand industry.  They have the ability to bring the two together and deliver the relevant information from the perspective of our professionals.”
Global Program Lead - Industry Programs, Leading Technology Provider
“We have been delighted with your service and support for many years. Thank you for all that you have done to make this a valuable process for both our students and instructors.”
Risk and Supervisory Learning, US Government Agency