Why Financial Acumen?

Financial acumen is the ability to understand and use financial information.

For sales and consulting professionals, financial acumen provides the insight needed to effectively:

  • Identify new sales and consulting opportunities
  • Engage with senior client executives
  • Position the value of your solutions and services

Why PSI?

We tailor our services for each of our clients. Our focus is on your unique solutions, services, opportunities and value provided.

Finance is the language of business, but every industry has its own unique dialect. Our financial acumen programs focus on each industry’s unique:

  • Financial drivers and metrics
  • Financial metrics
  • Lines of business
  • Executive perspectives, including each executive’s financial goals and key performance metrics (KPIs)

What Does PSI Offer?

To develop the financial acumen of your professionals, we offer:

  • Using FinancialsTM programs to provide skills needed to:
    • Pursue new sales and consulting opportunities
    • Initiate conversations with senior client executives
  • FASTTM support tool
    • An account planning tool designed to help sales teams leverage financial information on their accounts
  • Positioning the ValueTM programs
    • Provide your professionals with the skills to effectively present the financial value offered by your solutions and services
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