Financial Acumen for Support Professionals

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Our financial acumen programs give your support professionals the knowledge and skills they need to understand the financial impact of their decisions on your business.

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Understanding Financials

To understand the financial performance of your organization, professionals across your company require knowledge of your financial statements and how financial results link to your strategy. Our Understanding Financials course is customized specifically for your organization, and provides your professionals with a solid understanding of your organization’s financial performance and overall financial strategy:

  • Lists sources of publicly available information about your organization
  • Discusses components of your annual report
  • Explains the line items, purpose and structure of your income statement and balance sheet
  • Links your financial results to your strategy

Building Financial Acumen

To gain insight into your organization, your professionals must have knowledge of the financial metrics specific to your industry and your organization. Our Building Financial Acumen is customized specifically for your organization and provides insight into the metrics used to measure success:

  • Defines important financial ratios and performance metrics used within your organization
  • Compares important financial ratios and performance metrics to measure your financial performance against competitors
  • Provides the skills to remain current on your organization’s financial results and financial progress

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