From the design and building of a new curriculum from the ground up to working with you to build a curriculum within the context of your existing assets, we have the industry expertise, instructional design knowledge and experience to develop a solution that reflects the specific learning objectives and needs of your audience.

Our Development Process

Our structured development process and instructional design experts allow us to deliver on that promise. Select the tab for each phase of the process below to learn more.

Assessment and DesignDevelopmentTestingImplementation

Assessment and Instructional Design

This phase begins during our initial discussion with you and your team and includes:

  • Identifying/confirming business needs for the project
  • Determining gaps between actual knowledge/skills and desired outcomes of the target audience
  • Establishing critical success factors for the project
  • Determining assessment criteria
  • Client review and revisions


Using information gathered in the assessment, we will build a detailed instructional design (or “blueprint”) for the project that includes:

  • Content outline
  • Instructional strategies
  • Technology strategies (if applicable)
  • Implementation and delivery approach
  • Project plan
  • Client review and revisions


Using the design document as a guide, this phase includes development of the core materials included in the project:

  • Storyboard scripts and prototype (for technology based solutions)
  • Development of program materials
  • Graphic look and feel of the program
  • Initial systems testing (for technology based solutions)
  • Client review and revisions


Once the program materials have been created and reviewed, we will work with your development team to field test the program with members of the intended audience.

For projects with technology based delivery methods, field testing includes beta testing by your technology group as well as usability testing by members of the target audience.


Based on the results of the field tests, we will assist you in an enterprise-wide roll out.

Once the program has been implemented throughout the organization, we will work with you to measure its success:

  • Using Kirkpatrick’s Levels of Evaluation
  • Against critical success factors as defined in the Assessment and Instructional Design Phase

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