Why You’ll Love the Wiki

PSI’s Inside Insurance Wiki is a powerful, just-in-time tool that puts the insurance  industry information your professionals need at their fingertips.

The Wiki allows your professionals to quickly search industry topics, link to related information and drill down to gain deeper knowledge.

The Wiki supports your professionals’ efforts to quickly:

  • Understand their client’s business
  • Demonstrate industry credibility
  • Prepare for executive meetings and new client engagements
  • Identify new sales and service opportunities with clients and prospects

What Information Is Included in the Wiki?

The Inside Insurance Wiki encompasses the P&C, life, investment management and reinsurance segments of the global insurance industry. Specific information covered includes:

  • Customers of the industry and their needs
  • Industry participants and their role in the industry
  • Products and services offered by industry participants
  • Distribution channels used to reach and support customers
  • Risks facing the industry and how these risks are managed
  • Industry regulators and regulations
  • How insurance companies make money and the metrics used to measure financial and business performance
  • Important executives within insurance companies
  • Information technology used by insurance companies
  • Challenges facing the insurance industry today
  • Sales and consulting opportunities within the insurance industry

Want to Learn More?

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Why PSI?

The Inside Insurance Wiki is managed and maintained by PSI’s seasoned industry professionals to ensure its content remains accurate, current and relevant to the needs of your professionals.

The Wiki is derived from PSI’s Inside Insurance training curriculum, which is used by many of the world’s largest professional services firms, technology companies, business schools and industry regulators to provide their professionals and students with the industry acumen they need.

With over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry, we recognize the challenges your professionals face in comprehending specialized industry dynamics. Our industry knowledge and design capabilities uniquely position us to support your objectives and improve your professionals’ knowledge of industry-specific information.